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Furniture Care
ECI product is created to provide many years of excellent performance with the minimal amount of care.  Following a few basic steps
will protect your investment.

Wood and wood veneers:

Wood furniture should never be exposed to extreme heat, humid conditions such as being placed next to A/C or heating outlets or open
windows. It is also best to avoid direct sunlight for this may fade certain finishes. Please always keep in mind that wood breathes and
absorbs moisture.  Chemicals such as nail polish, nail polish remover, alcohol (rubbing and drinking kind) and even water may leave
marks if not attended to immediately.  To prevent damage, always use protective pads under drinks, hot plates, and clean up spills
quickly with a soft, slightly damp cloth in the direction of the wood grain, then dry completely with a soft dry cloth.

Cleaning should be done on a weekly basis to remove dust by using a soft cloth in the direction of the wood grain.
A high quality, non-silicone furniture polish can also be used.  Always avoid oily polishes and waxes.

Do not wash wood tops (the surfaces, table tops, etc.) with wet rags or other materials and allow product to air dry.  This will damage
wood and wood veneers and void all warranties.

Please remember liquid in glass, cups, or center pieces can sweat leaving ring marks on wood surfaces.  This will not be covered
under our warranty.  

Always keep wood surfaces dry and use protective mats under said items.

Laminate bar and table surfaces:

Always rinse after cleaning, even the gentlest cleaning agent may leave residue that may, over time, damage or mar the appearance of
your surface.

For everyday cleaning, simply use all-purpose cleaner, with a damp cloth and then rinse thoroughly with warm water and wipe dry (very

Never expose laminate surface to extreme heat such as plates and cups directly from microwave ovens, candles, or other extremely hot

Avoid harsh chemical cleaners such as toilet bowl cleaners, hydrogen peroxide, oven cleaners, or drain cleaners.  Always read
directions carefully when applying and using cleaning agents.

Marble bar surfaces:

Marble is porous and will absorb any moisture from glasses or bottles, leaving ring marks or blotches.  Always use protective pads
under any drinks.